Pricing & Purchasing

Safe and secure options for purchasing DBMode online allows for immediate approval, registration and delivery!


DBMode pricing structure supports volume discounts.

How to Purchase DBMode

You can purchase DBMode through Digital River GmbH (share-it!), in the same way as Enterprise Architect is purchased.

Purchase DBMode

DBMode is an Extension for Enterprise Architect to support more efficient and intuitive Database modeling in Enterprise Architect.
DBMode enables auto-generate MS-Excel documents, CRUD matrix, define and use Domains, etc.

Requires Enterprise Architect 12.0 or later. Professional, Corporate or Suite Editions only.
Please check DBMode System Requirements page for detail.

DBMode Standard License

Quantity Unit Price
1 - 4 US $150
5 - 19 US $145
20 - 100 US $140
(Ordering via Share-it)

DBMode Floating License

Quantity Unit Price
1 - 4 US $230
5 - 19 US $220
20 - 100 US $210
(Ordering via Share-it)

DBMode Upgrade To Floating License From Standard License

Quantity Unit Price
1 US $90
(Ordering via Share-it)

Please Note:

  • After upgrading, you cannot downgrade the license.
  • After upgrading, you cannot use original Standard license.
  • Purchasing an upgrade does not extend your subscription time; it just upgrades your license type.
  • You cannot upgrade Standard License when its support is expired. To upgrade expired license, you need to restart the support and then purchase upgrade license.


Purchasing a license makes you a registered user for 12 months, which entitles you to:

  • Download and activate the current, full version of DBMode.
  • Access free updates and new builds for 12 months.
  • Access Sparx Systems Japan's email support services for 12 months.

Important: At the end of the initial free maintenance period, you can continue to use the latest build of DBMode that you have downloaded -OR- renew your maintenance agreement for a further 12 months of access to new builds, upgrades and support.

Renewal of Annual Maintenance/Subscription

If you purchase an DBMode license, at the end of the 12 months we encourage you to renew your subscription for a further year to continue receiving subscription benefits. If you have multiple licenses of different editions, you must renew each of the licenses at the renewal rate for the edition type you hold.

How to Renew

If your subscription is current:
At the beginning of your license expiration month, you will be emailed a renewal notice which includes purchase links. This will be sent to the email address that you provided us as registered information of your details, so if you have changed your email address after you registered, please contact us at to update your details.

If your subscription has expired:
Please contact us at for renewal purchase links. To avoid delays, please let us know your registration key, order number, or the email address you registered before.

Renewal Rates

Current DBMode renewal rates are as follows:

DBMode Standard License Renewal
Quantity Unit Price
1 - 4 US $50
5 - 19 US $48
20 - 100 US $45
DBMode Floating License Renewal
Quantity Unit Price
1 - 4 US $75
5 - 19 US $72
20 - 100 US $69

Academic License

We do not offer academic license of DBMode.